The substitution to a new car is pushed forward for a policy than long-term use by the repair about the reduction policy of the environmental load in the car in Japan (a gasoline engine from new car registration for 13 years with a diesel engine the extra measures of the automobile tax after the 11 years progress).
By the NOx regulation that is this part, the change registration of the old car is not possible in the Kanto district or the Kansai district. However, that similar regulation is not enforced in other districts or there is the used car sale market of the large size vehicle only in the district of the outside targeted for regulation; have a problem.
Because the purchase of the new car does not always go as we want because management is hard in the Japanese local (other than a big city) motor carrier, and there are many motor carriers which I continue using more than 20 years, I obtain the regulation incompatible used goods bus that I used in a big city for around ten years by transfer and often replace it. It was a car mounted with truck / van and a bus, a diesel engine to be targeted for regulation, and the case which did not recognize the used car sale to the local motor carrier like a metropolitan bus appeared. Therefore, a vehicle price rose suddenly in a used bus market, and, in the local public route bus company which I continued running which was painful by purchasing the used car of the good metropolitan bus of the maintenance state, and continuing rearranging a timeworn old model vehicle, the purchase of the used goods vehicle became difficult till then.

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